Why Does Your E-Commerce Require a Payment Gateway Integration Service?

In this digitally-driven world, almost everybody is using a smartphone. From shopping to playing games, people are using smartphones to get access. As a business, it has become pertinent to create an online presence. However, success doesn’t come easy. To draw in more customers, you have to make it a seamless experience for your customers. You can ensure that by providing appropriate payment gateways.

Mobile payment increases your sales. According to Statista, mobile payment is soon going to increase to 930 billion. Integrate the right element to be a part of the growth.

Users are more concerned about security. So, they avoid sites that don’t offer secure and fast payment options. With our help, you can use the best payment gateway integration service and gain the trust of your users.

Fast and automated payment options will eliminate the need to put in the effort and keep the whole process secure. Payment Gateway Integration services will make your site’s payment secure, fast, and safe.

Payment Gateway Integration has become a necessity. B2B and B2C businesses, these days, are recommended to enable multiple payment gateway integration services to cater to all types of users.

No delayed payment processes mean no more dissatisfied customers. Users can make easy payments and will start trusting. Ultimately, increasing your sales.

We implement the best payment module for your site to ensure your users enjoy a hassle-free experience. Transactions made on the site are synced with your business account in real-time, reducing the chances of errors.

NetSwift Follows All Preconditions to Provide Payment Gateway Integration Services, Ensuring Legal Compliance

We follow multiple payment gateway integration services for your website, such as API, hosted page, CSE, shopping carts, and many more. But to implement these, we need the legal department’s approval. For this, we have to comply with specific government policies. Before starting the payment gateway integration job, we go through various factors, such as the business type, gateway service provider, corporate account, regional boundaries, personal accounts, currency support, and many other things.

That’s not all. You have to provide additional information to the financial organization you will deal with.

A Terms and Conditions page that enlists all crucial points including, refund and delivery policies.

A user data processing and privacy policy page for the app mentioning.

Well-highlighted customers and other contact details.

Products and services you offer with a detailed description, trademarks, and title.

A properly-displayed payment gateway app.

Why Take the Pain of Implementing Everything All By Yourself?

Our customized Payment Gateway Integration services will lift the burden off your shoulder. We, at NetSwift, can solve all your legal issues so that you can only focus on the business development process.

Multi-Currency Support

Your business will grow with time. Businesses with a global reach will need international payment support for their customers. While we implement the payment gateway integration services, we implement the best solutions for your business. We check if it offers multi-payment and international payment features or charges additional fees for multi-currency payments.

PCI Compliance

To allow your customers to pay through cards, you need to make sure your customer’s financial details are well-secured. We only use PCI DSS compliant payment gateway hosting providers as it ensures that user data is well-secured.

Customer Support

Don’t forget about the customer while considering payment gateway integration. Choose providers who offer round-the-clock customer support to serve customers. Remember, you will only receive customer support when your payment gateway allows that. So, we suggest you check well before implementing.


Pay close attention to the pricing before choosing one. Choose a provider that doesn’t levy any hidden charges for you or your users. Not everyone is well-versed in this domain and that’s why NetSwift is here to help you out with it. We will assist you in choosing the best service provider.

Multiple Payment Forms

People are different payment modes to make their payment. Including only one or two methods will only limit their choices. Not including any popular payment methods will only cause you to lose valuable customers. Choose a Payment Gateway Integration Services provider that updates itself regularly.

Device Version and Compatibility

We focus on the device’s version and compatibility when it comes to Payment Gateway Integration Services. Without ensuring this, it is difficult to survive in this competitive market. Our experts ensures that the integration services are compatible with all app versions. Compatibility for all versions ensure more downloads and increases the conversion rate.

Proper Atomicity

A successful transaction depends on atomicity. Without this, your users won’t choose you in time to come. Netswift suggests going for a payment gateway transaction process that either the whole process is successful or gets canceled. You shouldn’t make your customers feel that they have been hung out to dry. It is a practice that secures the whole payment options for keeping users worry-free while they try to check out.

Fraud Screening Features

To provide a smooth and hassle-free experience to your users, you need to simplify the buying process. However, avoid making it too simple for hackers and frauds. You will find some Payment Gateway Integration Services in the market that specializes in detecting fraud and suspicious activities before the transaction process. So, make sure you go for such solutions.

Types of Payment Gateway Integration Services You can Choose

Hosted Payment Gateways

With Hosted Payment Gateways, your users will be redirected from the checkout page to the website of the hosted service provider. Thereafter, your users just have to enter the needed details. As soon as they are done with the payment, they will be redirected to the main website.

Self-Hosted or Professionally-Hosted Payment Gateways

When you use this payment gateway, being a merchant, you have to gather a wide range of data and send only restricted data to the payment gateways. So, your users don’t have to leave the site to complete the transaction. It helps in improving the user experience for your customers.

Non-Hosted or API Payment Gateway

It’s the most preferred method on the list. If customer safety is your priority and you want to make sure that no one has access to their data, this is the right option for you. API or non-hosted payment gateway helps with both fixed and recurring payments.

Local Bank Registration

It’s a good payment method for small and medium-sized organizations. Use a similar process for hosting payment gateways. In this case, your users are taken to their bank website to complete their transactions. Once they are done with the transaction, they will be taken back to the main website. However, this payment method doesn’t offer the option of recurring and refund.


Technology and innovation have freed us from typical 9 to 5 jobs! There was a time when if it is before 9 or after 5, there is no support for the clients. But thanks to technology, innovation, tools, and the willing power of lots of organizations like NetSwift that have made services and help available round the clock.

Now we are ready to give and get services/solutions 24/7. Along with this, remote working has added a new dimension and helping us to extend the pool of talents. Now preparing the best team for handling a complex job is not a tough task anymore!

Our Process

We, at NetSwift, have an effective process to offer you the best payment gateway integration services that are safe and secure. Get in touch with us to know more.

Requirement Analysis

Our first step is to analyze your requirements. So, our experts collate all required details and learn about your platform preference for a deeper analysis. When we have the details we need, we begin with our feasibility analysis to provide you only with the best.

App Upgradation

Next, we upgrade the application. Without this step, it isn’t possible to integrate the right payment gateway. Our experts make the app compatible and then begin the integration work.

Payment Gateway Integration

Now, we start with the payment gateway integration process. We delegate this task to our expert developers. So, our developers perform a series of tasks that needs high dedication and expertise.


Our aim is to deliver bug-free payment gateway integration services to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. We perform a series of tests to ascertain that the whole integration is successful and there aren’t any bugs that can cause trouble in time to come.

Ready to Deliver

Our experts test the payment gateway integration rigorously and if all are perfect, you will have your app ready to boost your online sales.

Supported Platforms

Every customer is valuable for a business. So, you need to cater to all and make sure the payment gateway integration is supported by all platforms. We make sure you benefit from all top platforms.


Android is the most common mobile platform. It has a user base of 77%. So, make sure you add a payment gateway in the Android app when you run an online business. It can be challenging to keep a large customer base safe and secure. That is the reason we have professionals who use the best technologies to ensure all payment gateway solutions are bug-free.


The second most popular platform is iOS with a user base of 1.5 billion. So, when you choose a payment gateway integration with the iOS platform, you can serve 1.5 billion customers. No doubt, it is a secure platform and we make every possible effort to make the integration well-functional and flawless.


Windows might not be a common platform but it still has some ardent followers and by making the payment gateway integration run on mobile, you can get a chance to serve them. Our experienced professionals ensure successful integration of payment gateway integration for the Windows platform.

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Working with Netswift has been the best decision for the success of my business. An expert team of developers assured reliability and excellence.

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I appreciate their commitment to successful project completion and their working approach. They work as partners and make the best efforts to help their clients.


Working with Netswift has been the best decision for the success of my business. An expert team of developers assured reliability and excellence.


I appreciate their commitment to successful project completion and their working approach. They work as partners and make the best efforts to help their clients.